Plan Experts

Our team will help you select and manage the best providers for your plan.

The world of Retirement Plans is intimidating. That is why it’s best to work with experts in the field. Gainplan will help you navigate your options. We will work together to decide everything from where your 401(k) plan should be held and who should keep the records; to how complex your plan design should be and everything in between. We won’t stop there either. We will continue to work with you to manage those relationships and ensure that you are always offering the best retirement plan for your employees, yourself, and your business.

Let's Talk About 401(k) Plans

Fiduciary Partners

Our goal is to help you offer your employees a retirement plan that will give them the ability to reach their retirement goals.

Did you know that you are a fiduciary for your 401(k) plan? Do you know the responsibilities that come with that role? Most advisors will not operate as a co-fiduciary with you. At Gainplan we are different. We understand and embrace our role as co-fiduciaries. We vow to never take a commission from any 401(k) plan. This allows us to truly sit on the same side of the table as you, the plan sponsor. We will work side by side to keep your plan in compliance while keeping the best interest of the participants at the forefront.

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Professional Education

Gainplan provides practical financial advice that will help your employees reach their retirement goals.

Most investment advisors offer basic employee education for your retirement plan often conducted by an inexperienced associate. Gainplan takes employee education to the next level. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional will conduct all employee education meetings. Rest easy knowing that you are receiving sound retirement advice that is always in your best interest.

Lets Talk About Professional Education

Our Process


  1. Tell us about your company & employees
  2. Review your organization’s current retirement plan and goals


  1. Help you define your goals and fiduciary role
  2. Understand what’s important to your company and employees
  3. Assess current retirement savings plan
  4. Describe how we work together


Provide all plan documents:

  1. Statement of plan assets
  2. 404(a)5
  3. 408(b)2
  4. Adoption agreement


  1. Provide in-depth assessment of current plan
  2. Brainstorm as a team to offer solutions
  3. Provide strategic Plan design options


  1. Commit to implementation process
  2. Communicate and ask questions
  3. Engage employees and keep them informed


  1. Illustrate plan design recommendations
  2. Implement conversion strategy
  3. Provide timeline and tactics


  1. Communicate changes and updates
  2. Uphold fiduciary responsibility


  1. Proactively monitor your retirement plan
  2. Objectively provide administrative assistance
  3. Track and communicate recommended plan changes
  4. Continuously improve and educate to better serve you
  5. Uphold fiduciary responsibility