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Did you Know? Part I

If you’re a client of Gainplan, you most likely know quite a bit about us. However, did you know?

  • We have a Facebook and LinkedIn page!
  • Our website is great, and has everything that you need
    • You can see the team firsthand
    • We are active bloggers:
      • You can see what we are reading in the news each week
      • There is a bio of each team member published every month
    • Our process is clearly defined and our services are written out
    • Our team members’ contact information can be found there, with unique facts about the team
  • We are open on several bank holidays.
  • We work as a team:
    • The investment committee is monitoring your portfolios every minute of every day that the market is open.
    • Each relationship manager has an analyst that will work closely with you to service your finances.
    • We try our best to answer your calls on the first ring.

So, how did you do, did you know all of these Gainplan facts? Keep an eye out for more about us in next month’s blog.

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