The Tour de France & Capital Preservation Tips

Thad Schlaud

To reach your financial goals, you don’t have to outperform every benchmark every year. For long-term investors, avoiding and mitigating losses is the largest factor in achieving ultimate success in your financial plan. Held every July, the Tour de France is a great illustration of this concept of capital preservation,…

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Second Quarter Market Review and Outlook

David Martin

For the first six months of the year, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 12.7% while the S&P 500 Index rallied 14.4%, and the NASDAQ Composite rose 12.5%. Historically, strong stock market first halves bode well for the remainder of the year; Whenever there has been a double-digit gain…

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Buying a Boat and Staying Afloat

Chad Wotton

Is owning a boat on your horizon? Do you see yourself paddling a canoe, piloting a motorboat, or perhaps helming a sailboat? Of course, it would be easier and more affordable to pop a canoe on top of your car other than maintaining a moored boat in a popular summer…

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Bitcoin vs. Ethereum…So what’s the big deal?

Ben Klamo

Cryptocurrencies have garnered much attention in the financial world in the past few years as their adoption has increased by investors and institutions. It’s safe to say that cryptocurrencies have reached the mainstream; if you have invested money at some point, you have probably heard of or had a conversation…

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First Quarter Market Commentary

David Martin

The U.S. equity market hit all-time highs during the first quarter and several non-U.S. markets joined the march upwards, including the Canadian and European equity markets. Additionally, the S&P 500 gained 5.8% in Q1 and its trailing 12-month gain was 53.7%, the strongest gain in the post-war period. Alternatively, bonds…

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April is National Financial Literacy Month

Thad Schlaud

April is National Financial Literacy Month – an entire month dedicated to underscoring the importance of learning, establishing, and maintaining healthy financial habits. Sadly, the money habits of the average American reveal that: • Only about 40% of adults use a budget and track spending; • More than three out…

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