Keeping Politics out of Your Portfolio

Jeff Ivory

Keeping politics out of your investment portfolio involves focusing on fundamental financial principles rather than making decisions based on political beliefs or events. Let me walk you through why prioritizing sound investment strategies over political considerations, can potentially achieve the most stable and consistent returns over time.

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Building Generational Wealth With Hard Assets

Chad Wotton

Generational wealth is the idea of building wealth that can last for several generations, allowing you to create a legacy for your family and provide financial security for future generations. One of the most effective ways to build this type of wealth can be through investing in hard assets that…

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Rethinking the Model of Success from the 1980s 

Thad Schlaud

The picture-perfect model of success, painted by the 1980s generation, was dominated by corporate ladders, sprawling houses, and luxury cars. But a wind of change has been blowing through the aspirations of today’s generation, often tagged as the children of the 1980s generation. Where their predecessors were typified by sheer…

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2024 Outlook: A Look at The Markets

David Martin

To say that the markets finished 2023 on a strong note would be an understatement. While most of 2023 was characterized by extremely narrow leadership—with only a handful of mega-cap stocks gaining ground and the rest of the market languishing—that all changed around the start of November, when investors began…

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401(k) vs. IRA Performance

Patrick Nalepa

“Why does it seem like my 401(k) often performs better than my IRA?” This is a question that I’ve heard many times from prospective clients. The chief answer is because your 401(k) has automatic contributions going into it at each payroll period, typically from both you and your employer. Given…

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Fortify Your Financial Security During the Holidays

Thad Schlaud

As the holiday season approaches, the air buzzes with excitement, but it also rings alarm bells for cybercriminals aiming to exploit the festive fervor. Protecting your financial information from hackers during this period demands heightened vigilance and proactive measures. Here’s a comprehensive guide to safeguard your financial well-being during the…

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3 Benefits of Powering-Up Your 401(k)

Nicole Standen

In some good news for 2022, contribution limits have increased for 401(k)s. For those looking to max out their 401(k)s in 2022, you can contribute $20,500—an increase of $1,000. For workers over the age of 50, the catch-up 401(k) contribution is still an additional $6,500 per year. Contributions to your…

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The Biggest Issue Facing Your Employees Today

Thad Schlaud

The current economic landscape, with its rising living costs and lingering student debt, has shifted employees’ financial stress points. Recent studies, including the “Retirement Readiness 2023” report, from Buck, an integrated HR, pensions and benefits consulting firm, illuminate a stark reality: the immediate financial…

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