Author: Patrick Nalepa

When Changing Jobs, Rollovers Bring Benefits

Patrick Nalepa

For many individuals, changing jobs can be an exciting opportunity to advance their career or pursue new interests. However, it can also present a challenge when it comes to managing their retirement savings. When switching jobs, individuals may need to move their retirement accounts from their previous employer’s plan to…

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401(k) vs. IRA Performance

Patrick Nalepa

“Why does it seem like my 401(k) often performs better than my IRA?” This is a question that I’ve heard many times from prospective clients. The chief answer is because your 401(k) has automatic contributions going into it at each payroll period, typically from both you and your employer. Given…

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Just Married: Quick Estate Planning Guidelines

Patrick Nalepa

You’re already sharing a life, now it’s time to share some important information to get your next chapter off to a seamless start. I work with many individuals who have gotten married within the last few years or are looking to do so soon. While there are many logistical items…

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