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Three Essential Components to Your Retirement Plan

In any retirement plan three of the main components are lifestyle readiness, investment performance, and debt strategy. If any one of these things are off track, it can have a significant influence on your retirement plan; or at least, your perception of your retirement plan. So, join Nick Pagano this week as he discuss possible ways to strengthen your financial plan, allowing you to sleep more soundly.

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A Tale of Two Houses

This week, Nick Pagano discusses two different ends of the housing spectrum: purchasing and foreclosure. While these two situations tend to evoke very different reactions, they are both deeply emotional. Check out Nick's latest blog for tips to stay level-headed in these circumstances.

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April in the D!

Chad Wotton

It is truly a wonderful time to be alive here in Michigan – grass is green, plants are budding, and the chirping of birds can be heard in the air. We all know what season brings all of this hope and joy – tax season! While owing someone else money is typically not enjoyable, check out Chad’s latest blog to discover a vehicle that may help with this burden!

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The Downsizing Journey

In previous blogs, Nick Pagano has discussed the opportunities and challenges one might face when looking to downsize their house – whether in retirement or when the kids move out. Now, Nick and his wife are in the midst of the process themselves and have a few thoughts and tips that may help you when your time comes.

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