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What We’re Reading This Week

Thad Schlaud

Ever wonder if a car could repossess itself should you default on the monthly payments? Well this could be closer to reality that you think. Check out our latest blog to find out where Bloomberg thinks the next financial crisis may come from and more!

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Baby Boomers Potluck Revisited

Catch up with Nick this week as he shares the retirement questions discussed at the potluck last weekend and how best to live a fulfilling retirement!

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Starting the Year Right, Part II

I know a week isn’t a ton of time to digest all of the information I threw at you last week, but I have the second installment of my checklist ready to go. So when you’re ready, join me in discovering additional ways you may be able to bolster your personalized financial plan. Ready or not, here it comes!

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Starting the Year Right, Part I

As we kickoff a new year, Nick Pagano has brainstormed a financial planning checklist that you may find helpful. This week we reveal the first half of Nick’s list with the second installment to follow next week. If you’ve ever wondered how you can help yourself, check out the suggested steps below!

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Bucket List Part II: Rome

This week Nick Pagano reminisces about his Roman adventures and why it is just as important to plan for retirement as it is to enjoy it.

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