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Three Massive and Often Hidden Costs of Divorce

Thad Schlaud

Divorce, while an emotionally taxing experience, also comes with several financial implications that, if not properly managed, could result in long-lasting financial strain. It’s essential to understand these hidden costs to effectively navigate your post-divorce financial life. Here are three key areas where hidden costs often lurk: Health insurance, dividing…

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Buying a Boat and Staying Afloat

Chad Wotton

Is owning a boat on your horizon? Do you see yourself paddling a canoe, piloting a motorboat, or perhaps helming a sailboat? Of course, it would be easier and more affordable to pop a canoe on top of your car other than maintaining a moored boat in a popular summer…

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A Tale of Two Houses

This week, Nick Pagano discusses two different ends of the housing spectrum: purchasing and foreclosure. While these two situations tend to evoke very different reactions, they are both deeply emotional. Check out Nick's latest blog for tips to stay level-headed in these circumstances.

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