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Buying a Boat and Staying Afloat

Chad Wotton

Is owning a boat on your horizon? Do you see yourself paddling a canoe, piloting a motorboat, or perhaps helming a sailboat? Of course, it would be easier and more affordable to pop a canoe on top of your car other than maintaining a moored boat in a popular summer…

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A Tale of Two Houses

This week, Nick Pagano discusses two different ends of the housing spectrum: purchasing and foreclosure. While these two situations tend to evoke very different reactions, they are both deeply emotional. Check out Nick's latest blog for tips to stay level-headed in these circumstances.

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The Downsizing Journey

In previous blogs, Nick Pagano has discussed the opportunities and challenges one might face when looking to downsize their house – whether in retirement or when the kids move out. Now, Nick and his wife are in the midst of the process themselves and have a few thoughts and tips that may help you when your time comes.

Categories: Family, Major Life Purchases