Date: February, 2017

What We’re Reading This Week

Thad Schlaud

Ever wonder if a car could repossess itself should you default on the monthly payments? Well this could be closer to reality that you think. Check out our latest blog to find out where Bloomberg thinks the next financial crisis may come from and more!

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Baby Boomers Potluck Revisited

Catch up with Nick this week as he shares the retirement questions discussed at the potluck last weekend and how best to live a fulfilling retirement!

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Baby Boomer Potluck

Nick Pagano invites us to a potluck where it is all you can learn about what to expect as the baby boomers continue into retirement and begin collecting social security in full force.

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Meet the Team: Chad Wotton

I am sure many of you have either met or heard of Chad Wotton, but how many of you know what makes him tick? Well, you are about to find out! This month I was able to find some time in Chad’s busy schedule to discover what makes Chad, Chad. So here is the first installment of our monthly “Meet the Team” blog…

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