Date: March, 2017

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Wayne Bell-Warren

The April 18th tax filing deadline is almost upon us. It is a day that cannot come quick enough for some, and others wish would never arrive. Many people find themselves looking for last minute solutions to reduce their tax bill. There are not many, but there is one simple option that is often overlooked.

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Social Security and Taxes

Thad Schlaud

For retirees, Social Security is a primary source of income and a vital piece of their financial plan. I think it is sort of like Monopoly; every time you pass go you collect $200 dollars. Unfortunately, social security is not quite that simple. There are a number of nuances and limitations. Today I am going to talk about social security and taxes.

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What We’re Reading This Week

Thad Schlaud

This past week, we came across several different articles that we thought you might enjoy. These articles include Ocean’s Eleven style theft, Hedge Funds using their names to drum up investors, and how Amazon’s internal operations can operate similarly to penny stocks. Check it out!

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Meet the Team: Randy Bonam

With over 20 years in the finance and accounting industry, there was no doubt Randy Bonam would be a great fit with Gainplan when he began in June of 2016, but Randy is so much more. His personality and team mentality is what truly makes him an irreplaceable asset to the Gainplan team.

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The Downsizing Journey

In previous blogs, Nick Pagano has discussed the opportunities and challenges one might face when looking to downsize their house – whether in retirement or when the kids move out. Now, Nick and his wife are in the midst of the process themselves and have a few thoughts and tips that may help you when your time comes.

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