Date: May, 2017

On a Quest for Good Customer Service

It happens to all of us, and sometimes even on a regular basis – bad customer service. The lack of customer or client service seems to be all around us, doesn’t it? Join Nick this week, as he looks into a few recent cases of poor customer service - from a personal to national scale.

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Roth IRA 5-Year Rules

Thad Schlaud

You read that right. There is not one, but two 5-year rules for Roth IRAs. While that may sound confusing, in his latest financial planning blog, Thad Schlaud breaks down what these rules are, how they work, and when they may be relevant to you. Take a look!

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What We’re Reading This Week

Thad Schlaud

While ETFs are most commonly utilized to reduce an investor’s risk through diversification, there are newly SEC-approved ETFs that look to take on four times the risk of a normal Exchange-Traded Fund. Join Thad Schlaud this week as he dives into two very different aspects of ETFs and what this could mean for investors moving forward.

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Three Essential Components to Your Retirement Plan

In any retirement plan three of the main components are lifestyle readiness, investment performance, and debt strategy. If any one of these things are off track, it can have a significant influence on your retirement plan; or at least, your perception of your retirement plan. So, join Nick Pagano this week as he discuss possible ways to strengthen your financial plan, allowing you to sleep more soundly.

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Meet the Team: Thad Schlaud

A husband and father (of five young children), Thad Schlaud is not merely an integral part to our family here at Gainplan but the leader of his own motley crew. He is constantly bettering himself and those around him, always pushing the boundaries to make Gainplan a force in the industry.

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