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A Note From Jeff Ivory

Labor Day has come and gone, and I really hope each of you had a wonderful summer.  Time really seems to fly by after Labor Day.  School starts, then we are dressing our kids and grandkids up for Halloween, and then POOF – here comes “THE HOLIDAYS!”  
So, as I reflect on the summer I want to take this opportunity to again personally thank you for joining us on our new adventure at Gainplan.  From a business prospective I will likely remember the summer of 2015 more than most.  From starting up the new company Gainplan, then coordinating the move for all of us to leave LPL, to moving to our new office space – this summer will be one we will likely not forget!  With all that chaos I am humbled and grateful for your continued trust in this new endeavor.
Given that so much has changed I thought this would be a good opportunity to provide an overview.
Growth and a thank-you for the continued introductions!
Our firm continues to expand and the move to Gainplan LLC is being well received by both our current clients as well as many new ones.  I am somewhat surprised by the continued growth of the firm this year, particularly with the business transition.  However, not only have we exceeded my expectations for growing our firm in 2015, we continue to be blessed by your thoughtful introductions to your personal friends and families.  New clients seem to like that we only operate under the fiduciary standard, appreciate our commitment to straight talk and serious financial strategic planning, and overall seem pleased with our choice to partner with Fidelity as custodian for your money.  More recently we’ve received a number of calls regarding our asset management services, which so far this year have been successful in protected our clients’ money during some very serious market volatility.  Many of you commented a sense of relief when our asset management strategy led us significantly out of the market before its significant decline in August.  As the Guardians of the Galaxy would say – “Your Welcome” (sorry, little geeky humor).
I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that we will be having our annual “Don’t miss it” event boat cruise event October 2nd this year for those of you in Michigan.  You should have received your “save the date” emails.  Maybe now is a great time to think of someone that you would like to introduce to us and invite them to cruise with Gainplan.  And as always – there will be no sales or pressure to “sign up”.  Just an opportunity to meet and a gratuitous plug on my part.  Just sayin’.
New People 
In the middle of 2014 Wayne and I made a commitment to add some serious Gainplanners to the team.  The objective in bringing in talented people was to allow us to continue to grow as a firm while maintaining our commitment to providing outstanding client service to each of you.  Over the past twelve months we’ve added six new people to the Gainplan Team.  Our hiring process takes a lot of time because I only want the best and this team is thriving.  Unfortunately, I haven’t always done a great job communicating with you regarding our new people.  We’ve established a link on our website that contains bios for each of us and should have pictures included by the end of the year.  Please meet the new members of Gainplan on our website at  
Now for those of you who are not going to go to the website here are the names of our team members: Jeff Ivory, Wayne Bell-Warren, Dave Martin, Nick Pagano, Thad Schlaud, Ben Klamo, Chad Wotton, Bryan DeBono and Judy Orians.
Our commitment to communicate efficiently with all available resources continues to expand.  Of course you’ll still hear from us through email and phone calls, but it doesn’t seem like enough anymore.  With that we’ve improved other areas of communications as well.
WEBSITE:  In addition to adding our staff to the website we’ve improved our ability to communicate our “goings on” to you via that portal.  Please visit our website where you’ll learn the latest Gainplan news, upcoming events, and market commentary. Many of you enjoyed the weekly newsletters we used to send and our blog will give you similar insights.   
FACEBOOK:  For those of you Facebook users please take a look “Like” our page for our latest market commentary, information on client events, and firm news. 
LINKEDIN:  Check us out on LinkedIn as well:  I am so far refusing to do Twitter.  I will stay strong for as long as possible.  
So while many things have changed, our commitment to putting you first by assisting you in achieving your financial goals remains unchanged. Everything we do is intended to allow us to serve you better, to provide lower cost solutions, and to always be a partner in your success.  We continue to be Invested In You.  As always, I appreciate your trust in us and look forward to your continued success.

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