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Recent Market Volatility

Recent market volatility, in light of over 12 months with no market drops or significant moves down, has certainly reminded all investors that being complacent regarding the markets is never advisable. With computer algorithms able to move markets quickly, and violently, and with the TV and print media always willing to take any opportunity to increase advertising revenues, it is easy to go from completely overconfident in the markets to fearing that the financial world is ending. With that being said, we view the fundamentals of this market as still solid. Reduced regulations, tax reductions, and increasing wages all are still positives. Additionally, this recent volatility will help to remind investors that markets don’t just go up without ever coming down. This will take our biggest concern we had late last year of investor overconfidence off the table, resetting a more “normalized” behavior pattern. Our playbook from here is to watch for a market bounce and then see if that bounce can be sustained or if it will lead to a longer, more prolonged down move.

Additionally, some of our investors have noticed that looking at can add additional concerns. Fidelity’s systems do not properly report intra-day performance. It can take several days for to reflect our trades and performance numbers will not be accurate. We recommend using the Orion system for the most accurate data. Orion can be accessed here.

If you have never signed in to Orion before, choose the “Create Login” option at the bottom of the menu.

If you would like to understand this better or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. We are always here to discuss any of your questions.  



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