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Meet the Team: David Martin

As the lead member of Gainplan’s Investment Committee, Dave is constantly motivated by the opportunity to tackle the seemingly “unsolvable puzzle” that is the financial market. This is something that he doesn’t view as a job, but a passion. As you can imagine, in dealing with the ins and outs of the markets, there are several challenges Dave and the Investment Committee face on a daily basis. None, however, is more taxing than the long-term disciplined focus on providing the required returns necessary for clients by trying to maximize upside capture while limiting the potential for extended drawdowns. Similar to poker, this requires vetting the risk and reward to determine if it’s worth playing the hand, or folding.

Continually intrigued by the next labyrinth, if Dave was unable to continue his current line of work, he would look into solving crimes as a detective, or playing on the professional poker tour. Being a part of Gainplan’s vision to disrupt the industry by bringing institutional thinking to the retail space, and bringing the best possible options to clients is what gets Dave out of bed each morning.

Given the opportunity, Dave would love to head “down under” to Sydney, Australia. Between the year-round warm weather, being fairly isolated from current global-political conflicts, and the fact that it is an English-speaking country, it sounds like an ideal getaway.

Check in next month to learn about the next Gainplanner!


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