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Meet The Team: Helen Vacik

Whether you have had the privilege to meet her in person or not, I am sure you have heard Helen’s cheerful voice over the phone.

Helen Vacik, Gainplan’s youngest team member, is also a full-time finance undergraduate at Oakland University. Despite the challenges that come with taking 17 credits while working for Gainplan, she has found a way to use her experience in each environment to excel in the other. While in class, she is able to apply lessons and knowledge learned at work to stay one step ahead of her classmates, and at work, she is able to reap the fruits of that labor. The organizational skills that allow her to succeed in the classroom and workplace are what make the event planning industry appealing to Helen. Although this is currently more of a hobby for her, she said she could do this part-time in retirement. She already has experience in the field as her family’s personal planner for every vacation.

We are very pleased to have an intern so eager to learn and grow. All of the skills listed above, among others, are what make Helen such a great fit for the Gainplan team.

Check back next month to learn more about the next Gainplan team member!

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