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Meet the Team: Jeff Ivory

Jeff Ivory is the primary engine that propels Gainplan forward into each new chapter. Throughout his career, Jeff has been gathering invaluable information on both the financial industry, and the needs, wants, and desires of the families we work with. While collecting this data, he was stoked with a burning desire to be aboveboard with clients and deliver only the very best customer service, something the industry has – largely – lacked for decades.

When not actively exposing the pitfalls of the financial services industry, Jeff enjoy spending time with his kids (and can be found in a coaching role A LOT) and wife, Kelli.  Whether it is hockey, soccer, or another sport, Jeff enjoys connecting with the kids and promoting their success at each level.   Jeff also enjoys playing hockey and exhibits the same tenacity on the ice as he does fighting for his clients’ best interest – I would not recommend standing in his way, just ask Chad (who often plays hockey with him).

One that thrives on continual movement and improvement, Jeff ensures he has done everything in his power for his clients and employees before calling it a day. This quality is imperative for a visionary leader of a firm in an ever-changing industry.

I hope you all were able to learn more about our founder and CEO through this ‘behind the scenes’ look!”


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