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Meet The Team: Judy Orians

While Judy’s role is Office Administrator, her title does not accurately describe her contribution to our firm. Bringing years of management and service experience to Gainplan’s clients, she elevates all of us and our work.

Many clients know her as the first face you will see when you come to the office or the first voice you hear when you call, but long standing clients know that Judy is the glue that holds this firm together. Her contributions behind the scenes are impossible to catalogue, and her care, attitude, and energy brighten everyone’s day. When we are successful, it’s because Judy was involved. 

She started her career in retail management and has worked extensively in the career transition industry; Judy said if she had to choose an alternate career at this point, she would make a complete 180.

She answered, “Why not try writing mystery novels or teaching gardening in the greenhouse I will have in my retirement home – in Alaska!”

Intrigued by her determination and poise, if Judy had a chance to meet anyone from throughout history, she would choose Queen Victoria. Judy says that possibly the most impressive of all was the queen’s ability to change the culture of her country while staying above the politics of the time.

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