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Meet The Team: Nick Pagano

A Gainplan team member motivated by each daily challenge, and fueled by the enjoyment of client and prospect interaction, Nick Pagano possesses the ideal qualities for his position as Business Development Specialist.

Nick and his wife, Janice, are avid travelers and have taken numerous trips around the world visiting some of the most historic and cultured destinations on the planet. That being said, Nick would still love to head back to the Mediterranean Sea, specifically to the island of Corsica. From there, he and his wife would be able to travel to many of the rivers of the world – river cruises being a hobby of theirs. These rivers would include the Danube, Rhine, Mosul, and Seine.

Another hobby of Nick’s is golf. If he were no longer in the financial industry, he would set his sights on honing his golf skills through long hours at the course, and possibly even playing in tournaments.

Nick’s warm exterior, coupled with the genuine pleasure he gains from assisting clients in getting the best help possible, is exactly what makes him a perfect fit for the Gainplan team. Next time you see him, make sure you ask him to get on his golf calendar – I hear it’s a blast!

Tune in next month to learn more about the Gainplan team.


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