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Meet the Team: Nicole Standen

If you have not yet had a chance to meet Nicole, I would highly recommend it. She is not only very knowledgeable about the financial industry, but a genuine joy to interact with. While she is the newest member of the Gainplan team, you certainly would not be able to tell by walking around the office. Nicole Standen’s joyful attitude and genuine personality fit in perfectly with the rest of the Gainplan team.

Nicole’s persistent effort is evident through the multiple degrees and certifications she has acquired. After graduating from Western Michigan University with both Finance and Economics degrees, Nicole achieved her MBA at Wayne State University. Most recent in her line of impressive professional and academic accomplishments, Nicole has passed her Certified Financial Planner exam, and thus achieved the title of CFP®. Nicole is constantly motivated by her two daughters and strives to be a living example that women can be successful in the workplace.

In her “down time,” Nicole enjoys crafting on her Cricut to make fun items for family and friends. Because of her affinity for crafting and love of event planning, if she ever had to choose an alternative career, Nicole said she would most certainly choose one that pulled from both passions. Being the die-hard Oakland Raiders fan that she is, Nicole would love little more than to meet “Beast Mode” himself (Marshawn Lynch). Inspired by his jovial personality and ardent love of football, she said she would merely like to get to know him better over a bag of Skittles, his favorite snack.

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