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Meet The Team: Wayne Bell-Warren

As our second longest-tenured employee (only to owner Jeff Ivory), Wayne has been using his personal finance expertise to service our clients for many years. That being said, if you are a current client of Gainplan, you probably feel like you know Wayne fairly well. However, how many of you know him for more than his savvy financial planning skills? Well, let me enlighten you.

When not in the office, Wayne is constantly helping others to become the best version of themselves. Whether that is on the gridiron as a youth football coach, within his own family, or lending an ear to a neighbor, he is always looking to assist others. This is why Wayne is the perfect fit for Gainplan – he not only has the financial expertise, but the ardent desire to be a part of others’ success.

If he had to choose an alternate career, without skipping a beat, Wayne answered, “A football coach. There is nothing like being part of a player’s development and seeing them succeed.”

The same strategic mind that allows him to be an incredible asset to the Gainplan team drives Wayne’s passion for the behind-the-scenes work for his squad: scouting opponents, breaking down film, developing strategies, etc.

The most difficult challenge Wayne faces on a daily basis here at Gainplan is hearing the vast amount of bad advice and service that is so prevalent in the financial services industry. Yet, that does not deter him from waking up each morning with renewed vigor to fight for our clients.

Maybe one day Wayne will get a chance to catch his breath and visit the South of France – one of his dream destinations. It would even give him a chance to try out the five years of French he took in high school and college. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a half-bad vacation!

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