Holistic Planning

Our planning team will work with you to help you articulate your goals and turn them into easy-to-understand next steps.

You’ll work with one of our certified financial professionals to review your cash flow, taxes, saving strategies, and much more. Once we have a good understanding of where you are financially and where you want to be, our team will work with you to create a comprehensive financial plan you can implement. As your life changes, we will be there every step of the way to help guide and track your progress.

Let’s Talk About Holistic Planning

Risk Management

A solid financial plan is only as good as the risk management strategies that protect it.

Our certified financial professionals will walk you through how to create a foundation of safety for your financial plan. During this process, we will assess your insurance, estate plan, and income protection strategies, providing options and solutions to add safety to your family’s financial plan.

Let's Talk About Risk Management

Investment Management

Gainplan’s certified financial professionals will help you create and understand your own “investment philosophy.” We take into account your financial planning goals and objectives and walk you through our process and what it means for your money. Backed by industry leading research, our experienced investment committee will guide your money through turbulent markets.

Let’s Talk About Investment Management

Our Process


  1. Identify your goals and aspirations 
for yourself and your family
  2. Explore financial planning tools


Create a visual map of your relationship, goals, and priorities
Assess current financial situation and help you prioritize your goals and design a roadmap to achieve them
Describe how we work together


  1. Provide your relationship manager with additional financial details as needed
  2. Link your financial accounts to your financial plan


  1. Organize and inventory your current financial situation
  2. Identify strengths and weaknesses
  3. Brainstorm as a team and offer solutions for organization and growth


  1. Review our assessment of your financial life
  2. Communicate and ask questions
  3. Commit to your next steps


  1. Review and collaborate with you on your holistic plan
  2. Clearly define and outline recommendations, timelines, and strategy
  3. Implement strategy


  1. Provide regular updates to your team about any life changes
  2. Commit to updates and milestones in the plan


  1. Proactively track and communicate your financial progress
  2. Provide administrative assistance
  3. Stay ahead of industry news and trends to serve you better