Jeff Ivory, CFP®

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Financial Planning Committee, Investment Committee, Management Committee

Jeff Ivory is Gainplan’s managing partner, and he’s motivated by his desire to change the financial industry, putting clients first. Jeff brings his extensive experience in the financial field and knowledge of the industry to the table, and uses them to help Gainplan clients make better, more personalized, long-term plans for the future.

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Wayne Bell-Warren, J.D.

Chief Compliance Officer

Financial Planning Committee, Management Committee

His humble passion for developing individuals transcends the office. He has coached both football and soccer, and is the Vice Chairman of the Brittany Elise Foundation for at-risk teens. On the field or in the office, Wayne understands how successful teams work and what it takes to get there.

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David Martin, CFA®

Partner, Research & Investments

Investment Committee, Management Committee

What’s the next step in a career after you’ve worked at the original investment bank of the United States and managed your own hedge fun

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Thad Schlaud, CFP

Director of Client Experience

Financial Planning Committee

In an industry characterized by egocentric motives, Thad Schlaud represents everything a financial advisor should be.

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Chad Wotton, CFP

Relationship Manager

Client Services, Financial Planning Committee

A dependable workhorse, Chad is a perfectionist in every sense of the word.

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Nicole Standen, CFP

Relationship Manager

Financial Planning Committee

Nicole Standen is the newest Gainplanner, joining the team as Relationship Manager. Nicole’s passion is helping others to achieve their financial goals, and cheering them on along the way.

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Randy Bonam

Director of Operations

Client Services

With operations and financial experience ranging from small to corporate scale, Randy Bonam has seen how things are done at every level of the industry.

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Ben Klamo, CFA

Gainplanner, Investment Committee Member

Investment Committee

Ben’s interest in money and investing began early in life. He bought his first stock at age 12 and never looked back – that stock was McDonald’s.

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