Chief Investment Officer

Leadership, Investment Committee
Bachelor of Economics, University of Michigan

What’s the next step in a career after you’ve worked at the original investment bank of the United States and managed your own hedge fund?

Well, for Dave Martin, it was taking over as the Chief Investment Officer at Gainplan. You might ask, why go to a mid-size RIA out of Bloomfield Hills? Dave will be the first to tell you about the unique opportunities he has had while here at Gainplan; a situation that allows him to bring institutional investing to retail clients. In a sense, Dave is constantly exploring a territory where no other RIA has gone while providing an unparalleled opportunity for our clients. Dave’s fascination with the markets drives his passion to “solve the unsolvable puzzle” that is presented to him each day. This passion, combined with his devout loyalty to our clients, makes Dave a powerful force at the head of our investment committee.