Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Leadership, Investment Committee
[email protected]
Bachelor of Economics, English, History, Michigan State University / Master of Business Administration, University of South Carolina

Jeff Ivory is Gainplan’s managing partner, and he’s motivated by his desire to change the financial industry, putting clients first. Jeff brings his extensive experience in the financial field and knowledge of the industry to the table, and uses them to help Gainplan clients make better, more personalized, long-term plans for the future.

While most advisors have taken advantage of the information gap between them and their clients, Jeff always felt his clients deserved better. In the early years of his practice, he worked to change the system by treating his clients differently.

As the industry changed, and the practice grew larger, Jeff felt it was his duty to fix the broken system. As the Founder of Gainplan and a thought leader in the financial services industry, Jeff believes every advisor has a fiduciary responsibility to his or her clients and that the needs of clients should be placed above everything else. Since its beginning, he and the Gainplan team have been exposing the pitfalls of the financial services industry, while providing clients the highest quality of service.

On Thursday nights, you can find Jeff on the hockey rink with his friends. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Kelli, and their two children.