Director of Client Experience

Leadership, Client Services
[email protected]
Bachelor of Communications, Michigan State University

In an industry characterized by egocentric motives, Thad Schlaud represents everything a financial advisor should be.

While Thad didn’t start his career in financial planning, he has always worked with people and their money. Early on, he realized that no matter how much money people made or how much they saved, most people let their finances make their decisions for them.

His work with clients focuses on helping people understand how to navigate the complex financial areas of their lives, from the micro level of cash flow to the macro level of their portfolios. As a planner, he is constantly testing “conventional wisdom” and looking for perspectives that haven’t been explored in the industry. Because Thad is continuously looking for ways to improve, in 2017 he was asked to oversee client services at Gainplan. This means in addition to his work with clients, he spends time reviewing software, client processes, and financial planning strategies.

Thad spends his free time with his wife, Joanna, and their 7 children.